Speculation: What Will Facebook Do Next ?

The last 3 announcements from Menlo Park have been:

  1. Sophisticated search function now active on the site
  2. Re-design of the News Feed
  3. New smartphone interface for Android devices called ‘Home’

Mark Zuckerburg

Facebook announcements are becoming as infamous as Apple’s product launches. With a press release titled “A small team has been working on a big idea”. Who knows what could be in store for Facebook next?

Facebook Mysterious Invite

This summer will prove to be the most innovative in the social media world yet with video becoming a priority for many networks :

  • Vine’s growth has topped the previously popular Viddy
  • Twitters partnership with Amplify to bring real time video to the social network
  • Twitter bringing more advertising opportunities to users (and its integration with Vine) along with better security technology
  • Facebook’s clickable hashtags and video ads (rumored)

Social media will see its online population grow; users will also be ten times more accessible to advertisers who crave brand engagement.

Here’s a couple of suggestions  put together of what Menlo Park could possibly be announcing: 

 Instagram or ‘InstaFideo’ as we’d like it to call it 

With the integration of hashtags announced on the official Facebook blog last week and video ads integration coming its way, we are putting our money on InstaFideo. An obvious speculation is that users crave a ‘one app for all’ and we believe an ‘InstaFideo’ function would do just that. Many of the social networks are prioritizing videos and it would be surprising if Facebook did not follow suit on Thursday.

With competition such as Vine and its integration on twitter to contend with, InstaFideo would be a welcomed feature to the news feed. What we would really like to see is clickable hashtags integrated with video ads by the middle of the summer to move Facebook marketing to a whole new level.

A Facebook version of Google reader or Freader as we’d like to call it 

Google Reader is coming to an end *cue sniffles*. What better way for Facebook to capitalize on this than to give users a service that brings blogs/news updates right to their news feed? Technically speaking, users would not have to leave the Facebook site as all of their home (pardon the pun) comforts would be in one place: friends, ads, memes, personalized blogs and news updates.

  What ever ‘it’ is, we’ll be blogging about it.