Shared Endorsement Ads Update

In the last week Google has made an announcement about shared endorsement ads. +1s can already be shown in ads run of the Google AdWords platform, but this update allows more social information such as reviews, posts and rates to be used in ads.

How will they appear ? 

Below is a mock up taken from Googles terms of service update which shows reviews just below the ads.

google shared ads

What it means for privacy

This does not change your privacy settings, when you +1 a page, recommend or review one you can choose as to whether or not your profile picture and name are displayed in the shared endorsement ads. For further information on personal privacy settings visit

How businesses can create these type of ads

There has been no announcement as of yet, but as with previous advertising updates terms of use must be put in place before a platform for these extras within ads can be launched. It should be within the next couple of months, as always we will keep you informed.

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