How to Use Video Across Social Media

In the last few years, social media has become a staple in the business plans for most companies. Video is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers across social media. So we’ve come up with a few tips about using video on social media.


Twitter and viddyad advertising

The main attraction to Twitter for people is the 140 character limit. People want quick snippets of information on Twitter rather than pages of information. So because of this limit the box your tweet appears is also limited, and it’s very easy for your tweet to get lost among the thousands that are posted every minute.

The best way to get noticed on Twitter is by using video. Videos on Twitter automatically play in the feed, so as a user scrolls the movement of your video will catch the user’s attention. This attention even if it’s just for a few seconds is a great way to gain potential new customers, or simply just build your brand recognition.

The best thing about this is, it’s free. Just make sure you put great hashtags into your tweet so that it will be seen by relevant people. Of course, your tweet won’t stay at the top of the feed for long, if you want that you will have to part with some cash, but give your brand the best chance and use video.

A quick tip for Twitter is videos will only auto play if you upload it directly to Twitter. So if you tweet a link to a YouTube video it won’t auto play, but uploading directly to Twitter only takes a few minutes.


Having a YouTube channel for your business can be really helpful. Upload your viddyad video to YouTube and it will be a great reference for anyone who wants to investigate your business. Just upload it, tag it in the categories it falls into, give it an eye catching name and thumbnail and you’re ready to go.

YouTube is hard to gain views organically. This comes down to the fact that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. But don’t be discouraged by this, as mentioned above, having a YouTube channel is still of great benefit for your business and you should still definitely have a channel.


Facebook is similar to Twitter when it comes to video. Videos autoplay in the newsfeed of users, so it’s a great way to grab attention. You can upload videos to your business page and they will stay there, so anyone coming to your Facebook business page can watch your video.

The only issue with Facebook is the amount of likes on your page. If someone has liked your business page, when you post to your page, that post will appear in the newsfeed of that person. However, it won’t appear in the newsfeed of every person who has liked your page. This is because Facebook in recent years have limited the organic reach of business pages posts into users news feed. They claim it’s for user experience, but of course, Facebook want business’ to pay for advertising on Facebook, and not get attention for free.

To combat this, create fun entertaining and maybe even educational videos for your Facebook business page. This way people are more likely to like, comment and share your video which would increase the views for said video.


LinkedIn is a great way to gain interest in your business. You should regularly update your company LinkedIn, again it’s another source for potential customers to find out about your business and they can consider it a reputable company to buy from. You can update your company LinkedIn with a blog, but why not turn that blog into a video? 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video over reading text, so using video will get your message across quickly and in a more engaging way.


instagram and viddyad

Instagram doesn’t work for every company, but if your business uses it you should definitely be uploading video. Once again Instagram video automatically play in the user feed. When creating an Instagram video, try make it quirky and short. People are more likely to watch the entire video if it’s of interest to them and if it’s quick and snappy. Timelapse videos always work great on Instagram. For example, if you are a furniture company, post a quick 10- 15 second video of someone assembling a table from start to finish. Simple but effective.

Of course, there are many more social media sites available for your brand to utilise, so stick to the sites that you feel work best for your business, don’t try and be on every social network just because everyone else is. Think about what’s right for your business, and whatever site you use, if you can upload video then always do so.


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