Create Video Ads Online in Minutes!

Viddyad takes the time and hassle out of video ad production, allowing people to focus on promoting their business and increasing sales. Founded by a team of technical, marketing and video production professionals with years of experience in technology, TV and digital media. We’re passionate about video, advertising and helping businesses of all sizes around the world to promote their brands online.

It’s free to try, with a library of 80 M+ stunning, rights cleared videos & images or users can upload their own content.

Create ads in any language and use them on any platform.

Video ads can be published instantly on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or used on any websites, blogs and newsletters, as well as on cable TV or DooH (digital signage).

Viddyad technology powers the video advertising industry through partnerships with large publishers who want to offer video ad creation to their clients, under their own brand through a SaaS white label model.

We’re the platform. You’re the producer.


Contact Us

Viddyad is based in San Francisco in the USA and Dublin, Ireland. For press information, click here.

On Social Media:

Twitter : @viddyad

Facebook : facebook.com/viddyad

Google+ : Viddyad on Google+

LinkedIn : Viddyad on LinkedIn

About.me: Viddyad on about.me

Email : info@viddyad.com


Viddyad offices in San Francisco, USA and Dublin, Ireland

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