How to Put Your Video Ad on Your Website


So you’ve purchased your video ad (from Viddyad) and want to add it to your website. We know that video is more engaging and that when you put it on your site, you’re 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. But there are so many ways to put your video up on your site – which way is best?


This is the default hosting solution in Viddyad. Once you purchase your video commercial, you’re only one click away from putting it live on YouTube for everyone to see.

How to put a YouTube video on your website:

Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, you should see options beneath your video, as shown below:

YouTube Embed code

Click, Share, then Embed. You should now see the code that you will need to include in your webpage to show the video. Below the “embed code” you will also see options, where you can set the size that you want the video to be when it appears on your site. You can also set whether you would like YouTube to “show suggested videos” when the video is finished playing. We would suggest turning this off, as this might encourage your visitors to leave your page after viewing the video, or worse, it could show videos which your competitors may have on YouTube.

Advantages of using YouTube on your site:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, so when the video is played on your site, it will count to your YouTube views, which only increases your brand’s authority
  • It’s fast and easy, YouTube has the largest collection of videos online so in using it, you’re letting the market leader look after all of the hassle of hosting video
  • It’s free!

Disadvantages of using YouTube on your site:

  • YouTube can include ads for other services, before, over or during your video.
  • Interactivity, you can place links on top of your video, but these links can only point to other YouTube videos, playlists or approved partner links.


How to put a Vimeo video on your website:

You can easily add your video to Vimeo once you’ve downloaded it from Viddyad. However, you will need to sign up to Vimeo Pro if your video is for commercial use . Once you’ve uploaded your video to Vimeo, click the “Share” button at the top right of your video:


Vimeo share and embed

You will now see a pop up which includes the “embed” code that you will need to include in your webpage to show the video, as shown here:

vimeo embed code


Below the embed code, you will also see options where you can set the size that you want the video to be when it appears on your site. You can also change the color of the video controls. A tip here would be to turn off the “intro” information, which can appear over your video, such as the title, and deselect the option to “Show text link underneath this video”.

Advantages of using Vimeo on your site:

  • No ads – Vimeo won’t add any other commercial elements to your video
  • It’s fast and easy, Vimeo is another market leader and your video will be supported by a large and fast network of servers, while also being searchable on their highly trafficked site
  • Options – Vimeo has a nice combination of options for color and size

Disadvantages of using Vimeo on your site:

  • You will need to sign up for Vimeo Pro, which isn’t free
  • No interactivity – you can’t place links over your commercial

Paid alternatives to YouTube and Vimeo

There are other third party paid video hosting solutions, which include (in no particular order):



Video hosting can be expensive and complicated. SproutVideo wants to make it inexpensive and easy. We have all of the features you need to make your video campaigns successful at a price that will make you wonder why the other guys charge so much.

How to embed your video:


Initial free trial, then from $25 – $400 a month



Today, Viddler creates and delivers secure, interactive media solutions for business communication, learning, and publishing clients in more than 150 countries. Our dedicated team ensures integration, measurement, visibility and delivery of interactive media elements anywhere in the world on all leading devices.

How to embed your video:

Pricing:  no public information on their site



Vzaar is an online video hosting service, which launched in 2007. The site supports video streaming, embedding, sharing, and video storage. Originally targeted at eBay sellers, the service expanded in 2008 and now provides online video services designed for business and other commercial operations.

How to embed your video:


Initial free trial, then between $16 – $320 a month



Wistia provides video hosting for businesses and personal users. The Wistia application includes detailed analytics (such as viewer heatmaps) and integrations with external stats tools like Google Analytics. The Wistia interface allows for complete customization of the video player, post and pre-roll behavior of the video, and an API which allows users to make customizations to their videos, accounts, and statistics programmatically on the back end.

How to embed your video:


Initial free trial, then between $0 – $300 a month

So check out the options and find the hosting solution that’s right for your business. Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of putting video on your website.


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Web Summit: Viddyad wins ESB Spark of Genius Award

We really enjoyed attending Web Summit 2013, apart from winning the ESB Spark of Genius award we met some really interesting companies and people. Below are some photos and a Web Summit recap video.

Grainne with Padmasree Warrior

Grainne with Padmasree Warrior

Grainne Barron with CEO of Evernote Phil Libin

Grainne Barron with CEO of Evernote Phil Libin

Smoothies at the WebSummit

This guy makes the best smoothies in Dublin!

CEO Grainne Barron pitching on the WebSummit main stage

CEO Grainne Barron pitching on the WebSummit main stage

Viddyad team after winning ESB Spark of Genius

Viddyad team after winning ESB Spark of Genius

photo 2


Grainne Barron with John McKiernan and the Spark of Genius trophy

Grainne Barron with John McKiernan and the Spark of Genius trophy

Tech Crunch Startup Alley 2013: Gadgets

Viddyad are very proud to launch officially at:

Tech Crunch Disrupt 2013.

Today we have featured 2 startup companies with hardware products that we believe will be of great benefit to everyone.

1. Breathometer, Inc.

When researching drink-driving statistics, I was shocked with the results I found!

  • One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetimeaccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • In 2011, 9,878 people died in drunk driving crashes – one every 53 minutes
  • Drunk driving costs each adult in this country almost $500 per year.
  • If all 17 million people who admitted to driving drunk had their own state, it would be the fifth largest in the U.S. according to the NCBI.
  • Coffee and cold showers will NOT sober you up I’m afraid! Only TIME can sober a person up with the average adult capable of metabolizing alcohol at the rate of about one drink per hour (Hope College)

It has been and still is blatantly obvious that we need a solution to DUI, ASAP. With this in mind, Breathometer Inc. may have the fastest, most simple and cost effective piece of equipment. You can Pre-Order your own Breathometer now for $49.


The world’s first smart-phone breathalyzer!



If you’re anything like the team at Viddyad, you understand the panic that sets in once the dreaded ‘low battery’ notification appears!

More or less THIS!!

low battery

Fear no more! A project started on KickStarter recognized your pain and created this unique product ensuring you always have ‘da Chargaaaaaa” on hand (or at least in your wallet). The Charge Card is a guaranteed success in my eyes. No matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with, the mere fact that your charger is concealed neatly at the back of your wallet provides one less thing for us to ‘worry’ about.

Retailing at $25 I see no reason why anyone who is battery conscious would go without one of these slick little gadgets –


 With you when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t.

 Charge card side viewCharge card

Breathometer Inc. and Nomad Goods are only 2 of the companies we have featured from Disrupt SF 2013.

We would love to hear what you guys think about some of the other companies.

Feel free to comment below


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Tech Crunch Startup Alley 2013: Viddyad’s New Website Design

It’s that time of the year again… TechCrunch’s Disrupt San Francisco. Viddyad is among other exciting new Irish start-ups as part of the Irish pavilion, not only this but we’ve redesigned our website and made additions to our video editing tool, come check it out as we get our official launch off the ground at TechCrunch. Here’s a quick preview video of our new landing page and updates to our super easy video editor:

Landing page  

Additions to editing tool

Users can now edit the length of each asset in their video ad

We had added more texts effects, check them out below. You can choose from more fonts, choose the size , position and color of your text and choose a text background if you wish.

Now with our editing tool you can choose whether you want your image to fill the screen or to remain at its original size. If your image remains at its original size , you can add color to fill the screen. You can even add image animations and color effects.